Mob justice/Legal system.

Hello dear followers, visitors on our  blog. Thanks to always stay stunned and keep sharing our posts. Yeah we’ll talking about the way to punish felonies in our society (Africa). More and more people are agree with the fact to beat up/burn those persons who stole or murdered people. Ok, this is the topic today, let give us our opinion. Before continuing, you can leave comments below by email on our website and on our Facebook page Gonzinside.





Briefly, mob justice designs private justice instigated by the population in ignoring of laws/judicial system compounded furthermore by the police. Look, we can understand frustrations of the population when a killer is catched up by the police and released after few months. It’s a huge judicial issue who deserve the attention of authorities because there is a lot of corruption. However, kill people still a murder too and still an offence punishable by law. Unfortunately, people often kill for the smallest felonies. Look, in 2015, a young man in Cameroon was punished and killed by the crowd for having stolen bottles and packing in a market.

Beside those heinous crimes, we have the involment of the police or otherwise their opting out. And more, there are some people among those robbers who are not guilty. It’s better to an alleged robber to be stopped by the police than being arrested by the mob. Limits, the Police look like choiboy besides… The most dangerous streets nowadays got also oversight committee. What is the action of the police? In Nigeria, a man was sentenced to die because he stole six bottles of beer and one packet of cigarettes. It’s amazing… when you think that one guy has been killed by the mob just often for a piece of bread and beside another guy who is killing people and escape justice… Nooo, something goes wrong.




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