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Hello dear followers, visitors on our blog. I hope you are good and thank you to always follow our articles. Today we will talking about mixed people. We all know some members in our family/entourage, but the question is what is the place of mixed people? Can we consider them like black people or white people? You know, it’s not easy because some people say a mixed person belong exclusively black. Let’s get it…

You know, those questions about race are very important and complex because we don’t really know if the fact to be mixed is a full race. Here in Europ, I notice that white people don’t consider mixed as white. That is a paradox because when this person come in Africa, she is a black person regarding to the africans. It’s only african people who integrated mixed as black people both whatever he lives on Europe and/or in Africa.

So, I know a mixed girl who lives here and convinced that she is not african. She said me she is feeling European and don’t want to know Africa. I said why? She told me, I never go back to Africa since my childhood and my culture is here in Europe. My parents are proud of me and I already have many friends. Do you know the matter? Its parents because all twice are neglected one side of her education. If one of your parents is african and the other European, it’s necessary to teach also african values especially if the father is from Africa.



However I know that if Africa get rich, mixed people will recognize Africa. It’s also an economic issue. Lot of persons are using bleaching creams daily. It’s a social fact, very advanced in India. There, when you have dark-skinned, you seem as a poor person and conversely, fair-skinned look like rich person/social prestige. That’s a complex due to the colonization and remind all the races come from black race. When you, mixed chose going towards white people and neglected black, being ready to support either racial prejudices of white people or black people rejection. Choose wisely…

This is the end of our article. Take care of you and see you soon…




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