Live your life, but not alone.

Hello dear ladies and you guys. Thank you to following us and stay stunned. Today we’ll talking about privacy/private life in digital domain. We are currently in a kind of cell and keep like puppets. The fact remains that, everybody or almost use smartphones, PC, tablets. And then, we are exposed to the malicious persons which are often politics fund by the big companies. I will giving you a link below to know exactly what I mean by this. Ok, let’s go…



When you download a new application if because you would access of its skills. For expecting that you just will accept, the app maker are doing that, you should first being consent to use the app. Otherwise you don’t avaible to use it. But if you agree all terms and activate all the cookies, that means you accepted the policy of the company and then they have access on our pics, emails, all your schedule day, your current activities... And they can propose some things you really like. You don’t know how they make? The worst is that , initially, the user don’t get enough time to read all the terms of the contract. Because is really a contract, yeah… between you and the app owner/company.




When you rush because you want to access to the different application’s services, the worst is done. In reality you don’t have a choice, because the fact is if you didn’t accepted the terms of contract, the app couldn’t have been provided. It’s like a drug, you know what the application can do with all king of advertising and you can not able to give up after. In the same time being consent is give up your privacy.  This is why important details into the terms and conditions of the user escape them. 

Everybody has things to keep private. The question is what these owners or application owners want to make with all these informations? Why absolutely researching details of customers? Waiting for the next article, look A.I, c’est quoi ce délire (Partie 1)  Some sociologist think Democracy is an illusion. Do you agree with that? You can leave comments below. See you soon…



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