Flawless in surgery.

Heyyy hello ladies and you guys. This is the 2nd topic of the day. Thank you so much to always stay stunned on our blog. Ok, we’ll talking about appearances. Especially well-being because a lot of people think that being skinny meant healthy and big unhealthy. That’s a tough subject right. But we need to discuss and show our opinion. Let’s go…


cosmetic doctor skin check after plastic surgery

There are many people who don’t have self-confidence. Imagine someone who has lumpy on his body, or a squidgy person in our society now, when we know how much people love appearances and judge the others. A lot of prejudices, plastic surgery.. Look over 90% of plastic surgery in Miami is for having big bottom. Other for having chocolate bars. In the old days, plastic surgery was used for people who was in a car/bicycle crash or a genital malformation..Today is a trend like wearing your jeans… Only because, the boys look in awe for curvaceous shapes. However, we have some persons who are thinking that the fact to be skinny means healthy and a little bit tall means unhealthy. Noo… People have many complex nowadays. Always want to impress. But the great way to do that is to making sport. Not using surgery. If someone has lumpy, he went to the hospital. What does it mean? Anyway, it was my opinion. You can leave comments below and Follow us on our Facebook page Gonzinside or by email.

See you soon…



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