Thigh gap/Love handles.

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What is the thigh gap? Here in Europe, people love skinny girls. We have already talk about in Nice body/Watch me.. In this configuration, young girls and MILF don’t like love handles (The layer of fat around the middle of a person’s body). Exactly in the belly’s zone. Ok that’s clear, who wouldn’t have flat belly? Everybody like that. That’s why many girls, even the boys have recourse of cosmetic surgery. Something else, thigh gap. You know, It appears mostly by girls who have wide hips, It’s the space between tje legs when a girl stand up with both feet/joined feet. These last years, thigh gap in America/Europe has taken a big proportion. But if a girl has big booty, will she have again this space between legs? In this case, she won’t be pretty?This is for you bro, I want to say, what do you prefer? Skinny girls with thigh gap or girls with big bottom?






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