Artists with Autotune.

Hello dear ladies and you boys . Today we’ll talking about music men. Especially music the new generation. Everywhere in the world, singers/rappers are actually used to use this software that we all Autotune. Yeah fellows, we will show our view of this topic and if you want to comment, you can do this below by email here or you can leave comments on our Facebook page Gonzinside. Ok bro, let’s go to the music.






Antares Audio Technologies, that’s the name of the company who created Autotune. This software exists since 1997, it’s an audio processor which uses a proprietary device to adjust the voice but sometimes, if the pitch is incorrectly used,  It sounds like metallic voice.  However it was not famous enough before the singer/rapper T-Pain who mostly promoted/popularized this phenomenon in the beginning of last decades. I guess, some people will say oooh, It’s too bad… singers are cheating, It’s too much easy. Noo, if you want to copy anothers artists, you won’t become famous. Travis Scott is one of the greatest artist who use Autotune. Hey, many singers would do like him but It’s not easy. Even in Africa, we have Maitre Gims,  Davido, Maalhox Le Vibeur… they are making good music.




Nevertheless, I can understand these people who don’t appreciate Autotune. Not because I think is the way to cheat no… According to them, new generation is lower than music generation of 80s or 90s because it was original, artists could sing by themselves without changing their voice. Ok, that’s a view… For me, music always move and change. Music is like fashion. Today people prefer slim pants, tomorrow They will preferring conventional pants. Autotune for me like fashion, somehow a trend. But ok, each person has her view.

This is the end of our article. Thanks to always stay stunned of our blog. You can share our article on Google+, WhatsApp and subscribe by email below or Twitter/Facebook page Gonzinside. Take care of you…



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