People scare me.

Hello dear followers, visitors, friends of our blog. We are so happy to always follows our articles. Thanks… Today we’ll talking about self-confidence.  Especially influence of pics on social media. It seem a little problem but no because I know some girls/boy who are bullied and afraid by the others, the way the others looking them. Look how pictures can change mindset of people. Good or bad you can show us your view in comments. This requires to subscribe by email below. It’s easy and necessary for receiving mails when there is a new article.



Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat… There are many social media in which young people rush to get famous or acquire acknowledging/appreciation. But we have two categories of people. The first look nice and they convinced being beautiful and use pictures of themselves to promote/testify their bodies by others. The second are people who lack self-confidence because they have a little bit weight or they are short, squidgy… The matter is these persons, unconsciously or not try to be accept the others because they are subject to discrimination. In Europe,  they are some institutes who are learning self-confidence, the way to talk to a girl because it exists a kind of reject. People don’t know how make friends. Even worse, girlfriend/boyfriend. Then, the only way to escape this environment and try to have a little affection, it’s by making pics and avoiding the eyes of others.

Some people fear how others looking them, It is not a reason to disappear. Nobody is physically perfect, somebody must accept himself. Try to accept your body first, be confident. When you look confident, you can’t feeling frustrations. It’s right, your surround has an impact on you but you must have your own convictions. This is the end of our article. Thanks and subscribe on our Twitter/Facebook page Gonzinside or share by Google+, email, WhatsApp. See you soon…


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