Gender equality/Rude awakening.

Hello dear ladies and you guys. I wish you a good week and expect your weekend has been good. This subject will hurting some people because each part of world has their own habits/culture. Today we’ll talking about gender equality. And then We will trying to give our opinion on the subject. If you don’t agree after our vision, leave comments there and support them. For it, you must subscribe on our blog by email below the article. Ok let’s go men…







Gender equality in our century has moved greatly. The place of the woman don’t stop growing up in the society. But what the price? Woow, I know some persons will beginning to guess this man is sexist, he doesn’t like woman improves in society. Not at all… only look, this is my opinion. I think woman and man are complementary. Each of both has its functions/roles. That’s why in Africa women doing specific kind of tasks. The problem is industrialisation shaken/inverted social roles. Nowadays, woman is called to have a job in a company like a man and social roles are changing.





Look in Europe, also in America, find a marriage who endures long times is scarce. As though we are found it, laws in Europe/America are different of Africa. Equality between Men and Women brings more issues in society. If you think a lady don’t have to touch a same paycheck as a guy on the company, people will say you live in another century. I got a question for you, these persons who pretend women and men must be equal. Why we don’t see women in building sites/public works? The idea is that, women and men got each their own abilities, skills. We don’t say woman is useless. On the contrary, women have first place in the society. But, with the industrialisation process, feminine don’t find her real role. Then, many women get single. Complementarity doesn’t mean equality. When a man can’t be able to use his authority, It’s natural to him to go away because anyone can’t listen other. Check the single women statistics in America/Europe. According to you, what are the causes?

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