Pornography. Education or not?

Hello dear ladies and you guys, thank you so much to stay stunned on our blog. Before continuing, let me show you a little novelty on Gonzinside. Below an article, there are some plugins, you can click on « plus » and subscribe by email and read all our hot articles quickly. Or sharing an article on WhatsApp… Today we’ll talking about pornography. This is a taboo theme right but we have to talk about… ok let’s go



In Africa sex still taboo, even if nowadays, more and more people are connected to internet. Some people are thinking pornography is bad. But when you ask why they are thinking like that no answer. There is really a reason why pornography is bad? Porn industry involves for many decades. Young, teenager, adult are interested… in America, also in Europe already, sex industry is very lucrative. There is not really a monitoring for the youngest. Everybody can be allowed to access on the website porn. Strategy or not? However, during the last decades, there are many adjustments like, all the actors of porn movies automatically got protected sexual intercourse.




To tell you the truth, I saw an interview where a porn actress said pornography prevent torque breaks and learn at the teenagers how to process with a sexual partner. And more, She said if pornography did not exist, people should be sad and could be lack experience. Further, she pretended that when a man watch porn movies, desire to deceive his wife decreases. Eeeh men, if you have choice between porn movie and going to the sex shop as it exists here in Europe, what will be your answer? Apparently, sex movies aren’t same thing like prostitution. This will be another subject. After all, the fact for the actors to use condom is interssant and maybe give an example for the people. No one is pretending is bad… I know in my entourage some adults, who said me porn movies are permitted to improve their knowledge. To have more imagination and satisfy their partner. True or false… No one can strictly refuses.

In this case, do you think is important to talk about porn movies of our children? Infant children? You can leave comments here. Thanks and subscribe by email below this paragraph and receives a message instantly when a new article is published. Take care of yourself…



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