Kanye West against the world.

Hey… Morning dear followers and friends. I expect you good right. Today, as you can see, we’ll talking about the most strange rapper Kanye West. His comments are either hilarious or outrageous. We are used to… Ok let’s go and find what he did again.

How we can do to avoid Kanye West these last days? It’s impossible… Personally, I love what he makes in music. I even think it is a genius. However, I know he loves trolling people. That’s him… I guess somebody can say no!! We can’t accept/tolerate what he said because It’s about black race. Exactly, Kanye West said « Slavery is a choice ». This sentence hurt a lot of black people. Even me of courses… 400 centuries of slavery is a choice. Oooh… I can understand what offended people.



Otherwise I prefer take the positive side, maybe what it meant. According to him, some people are thinking that their thoughts reflect what they want. But he estimates that those people are affected by the media. In other words by the thought of media. That could be not insignificant when you know the strength of media/Their pervasiveness. Then it would mean he can able to think wisely because he is free. Nobody influences his mind. But to say slavery is a choice It’s too clumsy. 

Yeah men, This is the end of our article. I hope you liked. Thanks and subscribe on our Twitter/Facebook Page Gonzinside  See you soon…



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