Little wind/Big effects.


Hello dear visitors, friends on our community. I’m glad to see you so many every weeks. Today we are talking about swindle/rip-off/profits even if it’s not exactly  what you thoughts because in same time it reflects genius/creativity. It’s depends on the context. You will understand why….



On the first hand, we have canned laughter. Nowadays it’s normal to find it in a traditional series or webseries. For this last, we told about it in our article  » Pakgne, La série francophone de l’heure.. It’s a Cameroonian webseries where actresses talk about daily with a touch of humour.😊 In the background we hear laughs. Robert Cialdini estimates that laughs have big effects on people. When people don’t like something, their subconscious allows these feelings and provides them joy. That’s why a little scene in a movie can get fun. That’s great, imagination to do this looks simple but still awesome.



On the other hand, I remember when I was young, I liked Cosby Show. A television series with Bill Cosby. My friends liked it too. It was one of the first black series who adapted laughs on TV. We all time had giggles. Let’s see how this kind of program did as much as  success. Through an example, we’ll seeing how it is recurrent in our society but extremely serious. Do you know what is « social proof« ? It’s a Robert Cialdini’s principle (Social phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behaviour in a given situation). Many people like when others give their opinions/poisitions/decisions in public because they are afraid to be wrong, to submit their own view. 😕🙁Moreover, some persons don’t have opinions and sometimes thinking only like the majority/they are thinking that somebody will do the task what he didn’t himself. e.g., Look on WhatsApp, when somebody ask to join a group. Nobody accept her request because everybody think someone will accepting soon.😔 At the end, any favor, no worries. That’s bad. Human seems to be a robot. Any feelings, any contact with the others. It’s sad…😦

People can change a lot of things by a little help. Carelessness is bad and don’t accept somebody tells you what you have to do. Everybody knows what is good or bad. Use your intelligence to do somethings great. Africa is known for its humanism across the world. Don’t forget that… It’s the end of our article. Thanks for your attention. If you liked, thanks to share and subscribe on Facebook Page Gonzinside or by email on Google+. See you soon…



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