Best Female artists of Africa.

Hello dear ladies and you guys. Nice week for everyone. Today we’ll talking about young African singers of the moment (Within last 2 years). Before continuing this article, just click on the link/image for reading the text entirely. Ok, here we will doing our top 3 ranking. Of course each of you can comments and give its ranking.

It’s time to relax men because we are beginning this week by our young pretty singers. Keep cool… That is very very subjective. Ok, let’s go for my ranking.

3. Chidinma. I known her With the single « Kedike ». Very good song. Since then, I like her music. That is the case of the recently « Fallen love ».


2. Daphne. Ooh very talented. At his beginnings, I believed that she is from Jamaica. But she is really African lady. I like the most of her songs. « Calée », « Jusqu’à la gare », « Lover »…


1. Tiwa Savage. That girl is amazing. She can collaborate with everybody and still performing. I love his work. I seen her for the first time in « Love me ». After that she was great in Mavins group. Her voice is particularly good. Listen « Eminado », « Romantic » with Korede Bello, « Ma Lo » or his last song « Get it now ».


Yo my dear, it was my top  3 best African singer. If you think someone who deserved to be in the listing isn’t there, leave your comments. That’s all and don’t forget to subscribe on Facebook Page Gonzinside or by email on Google+. See you soon…





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