Smart market/Bad incomes.

Hello dear subscribers and visitors of our blog. We are very happy of your attention because it giving us more strength and it is very important for the motivation. Thanks… ok. Today we’ll talking about these things who apparently seems trivial/simple/normal. Someone could call that epiphenomenon (A secondary mental phenomenon that is caused by accompanies a physical phenomenon but has no influence causal itself). You be the judge… According to me,  many people are not interested by their environments. Otherwise not enough… How can we explain that travelling (Airplane) is more expensive in Africa than travelling from Africa to Europe? When a new movie came out in US, why their movies hit automatically headlines in Europe/Asia/Africa? Last Captain America was being top of the bill in all movie theaters of the world. Why Africa is the most Christian continent when poverty grew up and the rest of the word make headway? Why social media like YouTube are not famous in Asia (China, Russia…). Why Huawey’s items are not credible in USA? Why Africa don’t overcomes/pay its debts…?



Africa is very rich in human resources and soil resources. It’s difficult to explain the lack of infrastructure (roads, rail, network, buildings, health…). All of time the same causes produce the same effects. Africa borrow money from Europe for transforming food products/building schools and hospitals. But in market’s law, when somebody/state lend you money, he adds an interest rate. No one is bad. It’s a business, that’s all.  As long as Africa won’t have her own currency, the situation will be the same. Why? Because each big country have his own « quantitative easing ». It’s a policy in which central bank purchases government securities from the markets in order to lower rates and increase the money supply. In order words, every time a state got difficulties to pay back loans, he injects money into the market and central bank distributes it at the population for increasing their  purchasing power. Brewing companies (in Africa) use products who come from Europe while our farmers have the same. This is killing our own economy and create unemployment. Brewing companies in sub-saharan Africa have so much incomes but their employees not. It’s time to remind global market policy otherwise Africa will not repay its debts.



It exists in Africa the inferiority complex towards white people. If an african fellow is selling pineapples, their brothers will prefering buy pineapples who comes from another continent (America, Asia, Europe). They believe that something who travelled is particularly good/better than their own products. Noo,  not necessarily.  That’s also true, In general, we don’t have marketing’s culture yet. We must acquire expertise in few things. For our last example, this african who sell pineapples could cut his fruits into dice. It looks good and will attracting customers. In Russia, people use Rutube rather than use YouTube because country estimates It’s a way of US to control the world. Did you know that no more of 3% per year of foreign movies are diffused in USA? It’s a law of the market… Then, the world buys/knows american movies but US don’t knows yours… Are they the epiphenomena?

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  1. […] Récapitulons, si les banques de la zone CEMAC et CEDEAO sont approvisionnées par la BEAC/BCEAO, vous concluez avec moi que les banques de la sous-région Afrique de l’Ouest et Afrique centrales sont des sous-traitants/détaillants de ces 2 banques (BEAC, BCEAO) qui elles-mêmes sont des détaillants auprès de l’Union Européenne… Dans ce cas comment l’Afrique compte t-elle combler son déficit budgétaire vis-à-vis de l’Europe? Impossible si elle continue dans ce créneau. Voilà par exemple toute l’importance pour un état d’avoir sa propre monnaie; Mener sa propre politique budgétaire. C’est pas pour rien que le Nigéria, la RDC, l’Algérie disposent de leurs propres monnaies. Ces pays là ont compri. Si vous désirez apprendre davantage sur la planche à billets, lisez ceci Smart market/Bad incomes. […]



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