Get rich/Die trying.

Hello dear ladies and you too guys. Thank you to stay stunned on our blog. Today is a great day. We will talking about luxury, richness. Oooh men, this is a taboo subject in francophone countries. In this article, we will seeing what we can do to get rich. Why It’s necessary to have dreams, to inspire greatness. Why in our entourage/family circle, we already got persons who says « I just want a living wage », « I don’t need too much ». It’s time to explain these thoughts.




Hip hop’s purists noticed the title Get rich or die trying It’s an album of 50 Cent.😉 Ok, seriously,  when people says they don’t want more money I’m amazed. That’s possible if you are a millionaire… Maybe, but I don’t believe. When somebody have money, He wants more. This is natural. I can not imagine how some people see a large sum of money like devil. It’s due to Holy Scriptures/its interpretation  because It’s easier for a poor man to go to Heaven. Probably the fact of colonization. According to the author/businessman Robert Kiyosaki, common persons are afraid when they hear considerable amount of money. This is like having a lot of money is a misdemeanor/felony. That’s crazy… A person who wants to get rich is ready for that. He thinks big and It’s not a fault. After that, he needs to make difference between assets and liabilities when he got money. Same thing when you want to make money move. In this case, invests in your assets. This part create money, and bring more opportunities to re-invest. If your money goes on liabilities, unfortunately you lose, because liabilities means credits,debts/expensive life. Also, consider each time money come out of your pockets and don’t create another money, you invested on liabilities. 😖😖




However, on the other side people who seems pretending to get rich is bad/insane./not healthy. Unconsciously or not, everybody aspire to get rich because everybody want to life comfortably. Then That’s not judicious to think like these people. While America/Europe/Asia gets rich, Africa gets poor and only prays God. It’s the end of our article. You can leave comments here. Thanks to continue sharing, and subscribes on Facebook Page Gonzinside or by email on Google+. Kind regards…



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