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Hello dear ladies and you guys, thanks to stay stunned on our blog. Today we’ll talking about fashion. Especially young black women, infuences of model in the fashion’s world. In spite the motivation of black people to becomes famous,  clothing industry it’s harder than black man to have big company in China. Lool… Now, let’s go to the fashion’s world.



Do you know who are Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima (above), Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr… No? However these models are very famous in others countries, necessary not in Africa. Here we are , Africa!! Who runs this continent? It seems natural to follow white model on social media/To consider white model a reference. Why not? But where are black top model? According to those news/youth magazine and many influencers in Europe, the pretty girl is tall, skinny and must have thin hair. On the one hand, dress Habit is first a cultural stuff, but this apropriation must be chose wisely because we don’t have the same history/cultural legacy. Then black women convinced they are beautiful only when high magazine (Elle, GQ, Vogue/ white review) confirmed their body. Unfortunately, we have more and more thoughts who are going towards this propaganda. This is probably the fact of colonization/inferiority complex. However, each girl becomes groupie of those magazine. They do everything to have sighs on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat… It seems so natural because at the TV/social media they have seen sketch/glimpse of beautiful body. This young girl who appreciate  Naomi Campbell or Penelope Cruz at the TV is scattered/amazed because things what she see on social media are not of his body. As soon as she’ve seen that, flaws appearing everywhere…



On the other hand, when a young black woman finally is on the road to sucess, the « industry » doing all to bring back of their side. Industry here means lobbies, rich men, influences (network, social media…). Why I can say something like that? Look the world singer star Nicki Minaj. She is always doing ads of hair strands. Yeah, we can say that I don’t have evidences but do your own investigations, check her social media. She’s not the only one. So, ads contributes in huge part of youth decline and create new behaviours. It’s a profitable/attractive business in USA even in Africa. Meanwhile, don’t neglect the power of ads and bring up your own legacy.. Don’t you like nappy hair, Gele Yoruba…? African lady it is not fundamentally skinny. She is curvaceous. Despite TV’s propaganda, it’s a pride, not a shame. Fortunately, we have Nollywood movies in Africa. Even in America, black people are being famous. eg for the last Black Panther. There are many of us who liked Black Panther. Hairstyles of actresses was original, same thing of Nollywood movies actresses (Rita Dominic, Mercy Johnson, Jalade Omotola…). Nowadays, teenagers like Kylie/Kendal Jenner, Miley Cyrus… That is not worst. But, each civilization got her own history/standard/asset of beauty. No one is better than the other. La femme la plus belle

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